Hotel Merlott 70 Medellin stadium industry | HOTEL MERLOTT 70 IN MEDELLIN COLOMBIA
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A great team, qualified and committed to providing warm hospitality to guests and visitors. skilled people, cheerful and helpful, whose professionalism and expertise allows them to leave up the name of the hotel, the city and our Department.

We have a healthy location, in the heart of busy sector 70, close to Stadium. We sow: South Transportation Terminal, Olaya Herrera Airport, Poblado Metro Station city, Park and Iglesia San José del Poblado, Restaurants (wide gastronomic offer), Lleras park (pink Zone), Malls (Oviedo, Santa Fe, The treasure), Calle de la Buena Mesa, Parque Lineal The President, Museo El Castillo, Medellin Golden Mile, Administrative and business centers etc.

Estimated time by car to the following locations:

• Event and Convention Center Plaza Mayor: 8′ (2,9 km);
• Pueblito Paisa: 15′ (5,0 km);
• Airport JMC Rionegro: 50′ (37,0 km);
• Olaya Herrera Airport: 17′ (6,0 km);
• City center: 10′ (3,5 km);
• Administrative Center La Alpujarra (government sector): 9′ (3,1 km);
• Parque Lleras (The town): 20′ (7,6 km);